This is by far the most ambitious project I have taken on to-date. The reason I decided to build a skee-ball game is because around Thanksgiving, we had gone with our daughter, her husband and our two grandsons to Amazing Acres in Edwardsburg, Michigan. There are corn mazes, apple cannons (fun), cow train, hay rides, etc. for the kids. One of the things they had was a wooden simplified version of a skee-ball game. Our 5 year old grandson (Ian) couldn't get enough. When we moved on to something else, he wanted to go back to the skee-ball game so I was looking for one to get him for Christmas and wasn't impressed with the quality for the money. Since I have a lot of experience with programming, it occured to me I could build the skee-ball game, add a Raspberry PI (computer), some sensors and a touch screen and with a bit of Python programming, I could have a mutch better skee-ball game than would I saw for sale. Not so sure about the less expensive part yet. It's adding up but certainly it will be a better one.